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New & Used Auto Loan Rates

Rates effective as of April 1, 2024

Rates for new and used autos, motorcycles, boats, or recreational vehicles are the same.

Term APR
61 - 84 Months 7.99% - 17.95%
60 Months or Less 7.74% - 17.49%
60 Months, Other Collateral: 4 Wheelers, ATVs, equipment, UTV's, and utility trailers 9.74% - 17.95%
  • 2023 and newer: maximum term 84 months
  • Used 2020-2022: maximum term 75 months
  • Used 2019: maximum term 66 months
  • Used 2018: maximum term 60 months
  • Used 2017: maximum term 54 months
  • Used 2016: maximum term 48 months
  • Older: maximum term 42 months

High-mileage vehicles qualify at shorter terms.

Recreational vehicles, boats, and motorhomes with terms longer than 72-75 months follow the rate structure above with an additional 0.25% for every additional 12 month period.

Extended terms are allowed with a maximum term of 120 months. Each 12 month increase in term adds an additional .25% over the stated 72-75 month term above.

Street-legal motorcycles follow the auto term rates listed above. All non-street-legal motorcycles have a maximum term of 48 months.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may change at any time as determined by Union Square Credit Union Board of Directors. Rates reflect a low to high range based on loan term. Lower rates in each range apply to well qualified applicants. Normal credit criteria apply to all applicants. Credit history is one criterion upon which rates are based.