Shep - Virtual Assistant

Always eager to help, that’s Shep, Union Square Credit Union’s virtual assistant.

Shep Your Virtual Assistant

Who is Shep?

Not only is Shep our friendly mascot, but he's also your virtual assistant! You'll notice him in the chat window on our website, and hear him when you call us.

Shep (short for Sheppard, as in Sheppard Air Force Base, birthplace of USCU in 1957) is ready at a moment’s notice to help Union Square members. Shep can answer questions, provide account information, and facilitate transactions during Contact Center calls. A valuable digital banking resource, Shep is yet another way Union Square members can connect and communicate with Union Square about their financial information.

Ways Shep Can Assist

  • Opening an Account
  • Registering for Online Banking 
  • Product questions
  • Locating Branches and ATMs
  • Hours of operation

The following functions are currently only available when calling our Contact Center, but will be available in chat soon:

  • Moving money
  • Checking your balances
  • Viewing your transaction history
  • Balance inquiries over the phone
  • And so much more!


Union Square is always seeking ways to improve the member experience, to provide useful and innovative tools that afford members greater convenience and safety in their financial transactions. Shep is a product of that mission; offering a quick and efficient way to get answers over the phone or online. 


Why is Union Square Credit Union using Shep?
Union Square aims to assist our members in the quickest and most efficient manner. Shep will be able to provide support for general questions 24/7 via both chat as well as voice when calling into our Contact Center.
How accurate is Shep?
Shep is able to accurately respond to many different questions and is constantly learning to answer more questions to better serve our members’ needs.
Are my interactions with Shep secure?
Interactions with Shep are secure by using the latest encryption technology. Our team continuously monitors for potential security vulnerabilities.
Is Shep only available during business hours?
Shep is available for your convenience 24/7.
Is there a fee to use Shep?
Shep is a complimentary virtual assistant offered by USCU to enhance our member experience.
What languages does Shep respond to?
Shep is only able to understand and respond in English.
Will Shep be able to answer and respond to more inquiries in the future?
Yes, Shep will have additional capabilities in the coming months as well as a dedicated team that will look at opportunities to improve and enhance Shep’s features.
Will Shep be available in other channels other than the website?
Yes, Shep is also able to assist you with calls in our Contact Center. 
Can Shep help me open a new membership?
Yes! Shep can direct you to the online membership application to become a USCU Member.
What information do I have to give in order to use Shep?
Depending on your request, Shep may ask for additional information to best answer your questions. This may include authentication questions.
Can Shep answer my loan application questions?
Shep can direct you to the department that your application is associated with, but cannot provide you with status updates at this time.
Can Shep perform the following account functions: reviewing account balances, transaction histories, and many routine transactions?
Yes, with the newest upgrade, Shep is able to perform all of these functions.
Will Shep authenticate my account before revealing private information?
Yes, when you use Shep to view any personal account information, you will be asked for your account number and the last four digits of your social security number. You will then receive a code via text or email that you’ll use to log in.
Can Shep help me over the phone when I call USCU’s Contact Center?
Yes, Shep can answer your basic account questions when calling our Contact Center.