Wiring Funds

Send or receive funds by wire service at Union Square Credit Union.

Domestic Wires

Members can send funds to any account in the U.S. with the help of a Union Square team member at a branch location. To receive a domestic wire, simply provide the “Incoming Wire Instructions” to the account’s financial institution from which the funds will come. Service fee: $25 to send, no fee to receive.

Incoming Wire Instructions

To: Union Square Credit Union
Routing Number: 311989001
Credit: (Member’s Name Here)
Account Number: (Member’s Account Number Here)

International Wires

Similarly, send or receive funds to or from any international account. Funds may be available within four hours or may take up to two business days. Service fee: $50 to send, no fee to receive.

Wire Transfer Requests Options

  • Visit any one of our four branch locations, or
  • Call Union Square Contact Center at (940) 720-8000