Personal Loans

Union Square Credit Union offers a variety of personal loan products to meet all our members’ needs.

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Signature Loans

Need extra cash? A signature loan can be used for practically anything—consolidate debt, fund a home project, or take a vacation. Whatever the need or project may be, let Union Square Credit Union help make it a reality. 

Deposit Secured

Give yourself a loan—use your share account as collateral. Members can borrow from a share account and then pay themselves back according to the terms of the loan, and members continue to earn interest on the account during the term of the loan.

Flexline of Credit

Enjoy the flexibility that comes with a flexline of credit. Have a project or goal that may take some time? Access funds up to an approved credit limit as needed and when needed with a flexline of credit.


Still looking for something to fit your need? Maybe something just for fun—a new dirt bike or ATV, or perhaps a tractor or trailer for a small job. Speak with a Union Square loan officer to learn how we can help.