Debit Card Roundup

Enroll in Union Square Credit Union's optional Debit Card Roundup program and add a little to savings with each swipe of your debit card.

How It Works

Savings happens effortlessly with the Debit Card Roundup program. Every purchase made from a member’s Union Square debit card is rounded up to the nearest dollar. The “roundup” is then deposited into the member’s savings account of choice at the end of the day. 


Purchase Actual Cost Amount to Record as Debit Amount Deposited to Savings
Coffee: $5.15 $6.00


Groceries: $124.72 $125.00 $0.28
Amazon: $48.98 $49.00 $0.02
TOTALS: $178.85 $180.00 $1.15

In the above example, a member using his Union Square debit card, spends a total of $178.85 in one day from three merchants. The transactions post to the member’s checking account for the exact purchase amounts. However, the member—to ensure his account remains properly balanced—records or notes the transactions at the “round-up” amounts (e.g., $6.00, $125.00, and $49.00). At the end of the day, the accumulated “round-up” (e.g., $1.15) transfers from the member’s checking account to his savings account in a single transaction.

Additional Information:

  • To utilize Debit Card Roundup, members must link a Union Square debit card to a Union Square checking account.
  • Both signature-based and PIN-based debit card transactions quality for Debit Card Roundup; ATM transactions do not qualify.
  • Once enrolled, all qualifying transactions from debit cards attached to the checking account will be included in the roundup.
  • If a debit card purchase is canceled or reversed (such as a returned purchase), the corresponding Debit Card Roundup will remain in the savings account.
  • Credit transactions and adjustment transactions do not roundup.
  • A roundup transfer will not overdraw an account if the funds are not available to complete the transaction.
  • Union Square Credit Union may cancel or modify the Debit Card Roundup program at any time.